August 9, 2011

G-Eazy - The Endless Summer (album)

Boom. G-Eazy does it again.

I thought the last thing he dropped was some bad ass shit (The Outsider), but this album some how goes harder without leaving behind G-Eazy's known chill side. Though his lyrics and flow are fresh enough, what makes his tracks so noticeable is the fact that G has an undeniable knack for finding dope ass samples for his tracks. The man just knows how to produce a song.

Anyway, you can obviously see that I like this shit, so now it's time for you to go grab an after-work adult beverage, relax, and listen to this entire album.

Now hurry, I'm a drink ahead of you!


Download full The Endless Summer album HERE.

 The Endless Summer by g-eazy

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