August 27, 2015

Crywolf - Neverland (feat. Charity Lane)

I started out writing about the whole Dysphoria EP, but decided to focus on the hit track, “Neverland”, to make sure you heard the essence of what you’ll get from Crywolf.

Justin Taylor Phillips is an L.A. guy who’s made a unique mark on the dance scene from day one. As an electronic music producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist, Phillips saw his talents met with instant praise as his debut EP Ghosts eventually made it to the #18 spot on the iTunes dance charts and #1 spot on in just a day.

As for “Neverland,” impeccable production, powerful lyrics, and sultry vocals culminate into an emotional peak preceding the coveted drop that literally stops you in your tracks. Charity Lane’s mythical voice alongside children’s chants helps transport you to another world. Perhaps Crywolf’s version of Neverland.

Make sure you check out the entire Dysphoria EP. You won’t be disappointed. So, so good!


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