July 18, 2015

Poly Pines - Let's Escape

"Escape" opens as if we're drifting through a magical wonderland, in a dream, about an anime love story....
Oh, Just me? I guess the voice of Navi (from the Legend of Zelda) joyfully commanding that we listen led me to that. No matter what you see, hopefully we all see more of these tracks in the near future.

Glitching beats stutter through Poly Pines' veins, yet surprises us with a splendidly unique symphonic alternative to tracks that share the genre.

Once again I've stumbled upon an artist with a fraction of the followers and hits he deserves. Mr. Poly Pines states online that he just wants to make people happy. He's done just that with this grade-A good music. Keep a look out for his recently announced 3 track EP, “The Forest”, coming soon.


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