August 29, 2017

Nick Ray - Circles [Album + Music Video]

Nick Ray released his debut album, Circles, along with a huge music video production for his title track off the album.

Circles follows up Nick's Four White Walls EP and a series of successful collaborations. His “By the Way” remix collab with Neptunica has over 400,000 plays on Spotify. Nick Ray & LOC's track "November" from their hiphop collab project, The Playback, was selected into the Top 12 of 5,000 songs in Linkin Park and Open Labs’ Stagelight Competition.

Circles unveils a new electronic pop rock sound, forged from Nick's collaborations in the pop, EDM, soul, and hiphop universes and inspired by overcoming self-destructive behavior in the human condition. I highly recommend reviewing the entire 11 track album, and the music video shouldn't be missed!

You can listen to Nick Ray’s new album, Circles, on SpotifyiTunesAmazon MusicTidal, and Google Play


August 27, 2015

Crywolf - Neverland (feat. Charity Lane)

I started out writing about the whole Dysphoria EP, but decided to focus on the hit track, “Neverland”, to make sure you heard the essence of what you’ll get from Crywolf.

Justin Taylor Phillips is an L.A. guy who’s made a unique mark on the dance scene from day one. As an electronic music producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist, Phillips saw his talents met with instant praise as his debut EP Ghosts eventually made it to the #18 spot on the iTunes dance charts and #1 spot on in just a day.

As for “Neverland,” impeccable production, powerful lyrics, and sultry vocals culminate into an emotional peak preceding the coveted drop that literally stops you in your tracks. Charity Lane’s mythical voice alongside children’s chants helps transport you to another world. Perhaps Crywolf’s version of Neverland.

Make sure you check out the entire Dysphoria EP. You won’t be disappointed. So, so good!


August 5, 2015

Jai Wolf - Indian Summer

"Indian Summer" fills the air with good vibes instead of lyrics. This is another track where the vocals are distorted and the pitch is raised; currently a very popular trend in the EDM scene. Producers utilizing this editing style have seen fans flock to the new sounds. It’s quite similar to Bearson’s phenomenal track "Pink Medicine" or something Jai Wolf’s label mate, ODESZA, would put out.

Generally, the music accompanying the unrecognizable vocal sounds also keeps the mood light with a feeling of hope, optimism, and a luring sense of adventure. Personally, I think these types of tracks are making an impact due to their open storyline. The music definitely takes you somewhere, but it's up to your imagination to figure out where.

I'm sure there's a whole science behind why the raised pitch and distorted voices are attracting listeners, but for now, I'm good with just knowing these tunes exist.


July 18, 2015

Poly Pines - Let's Escape

"Escape" opens as if we're drifting through a magical wonderland, in a dream, about an anime love story....
Oh, Just me? I guess the voice of Navi (from the Legend of Zelda) joyfully commanding that we listen led me to that. No matter what you see, hopefully we all see more of these tracks in the near future.

Glitching beats stutter through Poly Pines' veins, yet surprises us with a splendidly unique symphonic alternative to tracks that share the genre.

Once again I've stumbled upon an artist with a fraction of the followers and hits he deserves. Mr. Poly Pines states online that he just wants to make people happy. He's done just that with this grade-A good music. Keep a look out for his recently announced 3 track EP, “The Forest”, coming soon.


June 18, 2015

Nick Ray + Chubbs Malone – Through The Rearview

“Park Place, Boardwalk, about to pass Go…”

Love it. This song definitely deserves a home on my blog. It’s fresh, it’s underground, and it’s good.

I’ve featured Nick Ray before when he collaborated with local rapper, LOC. This time around, he’s teamed up with Chubbs Malone of the band Five Eyes Wide to create this unique merger between hip-hop and soul-pop.
Malone slings his reflective words in a distinctly raspy voice that adds emphasis and energy in its signature way as he self-motivates his ambitions through music.

Give it a listen and grab the free download while you can.