July 14, 2011

Royal Teeth - Wild

South Louisiana band, Royal Teeth, just released this track off their debut EP "Act Naturally" which will be released this Friday at The Republic in New Orleans.

"Wild" is a beautifully produced, feel-good anthem. Nora Patterson's voice is forcefully soothing and as she belts out oohs & ahs, allowing you to get lost in the song, dismissing any troubles you have in your life. As if it weren't enough, the rhythm and melodies accompanying Nora's and Gary Larsen's vocals reek of joyous energy. Like the other tracks on this EP, I dare you to not have this song stuck in your head.

Unfortunately today's post does not come with a free download, but I had to share nonetheless. But make sure to check out their Facebook Page to listen to their other tracks and get their EP, "Act Naturally", tomorrow.


Updated 3/8/13:

Now there's an official music video!

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