December 14, 2014

Robot Koch - Nitesky (AxMod Remix)

Three birds with one stone.

It doesn't happen too often, people, but stumbling on this remix led me to three very different artists, each offering up a piece of themselves to create this marvelous melodic fusion.

Robert Koch, aka Robot Koch, is responsible for the initial composition hosting the smooth and sultry sound of John LaMonica's vocals. Though the original is beautiful as is, AxMod decided to place his own thumbprint on the song, blending it with a hint of tropical house.

I highly recommend you listen to more from these gentlemen, and though "Nitesky" is in the spotlight for this post, I've included an additional track from each of these brilliant artists below. At least you'll get a taste for each of their styles. Who you follow from there will be up to you. I'm guessing all three...


Robot Koch - Hear With Me (feat. Susie Suh)

I'm completely enamored with Susie Suh's angelic voice. This collaboration is like the ultimate lullaby and Susie Suh is your mother singing you to sleep. Absolutely breathtaking production.

AxMod - Blazing

Utilizing the same Snake Davis sax sample as used by Klingande in their hit song "Jubel", AxMod sets it to his own underlying beat and then mashes it up with the stellar sax solo and the vocals by Daphne from Tobu's "Crime".  So many amazing producers introduced within one tiny description. Go listen to them all. Now.

Rafaele Castiglione & John LaMonica - Nature Of The Universe

Like most of LaMonica's songs, his voice is the star and the driving force behind the music.

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