April 19, 2015

Featured Artist: Jazer

James Nielssen (aka Jazer) hails from Portland, but resides in San Fran, and this young producer seems to have just stepped into the light on the music scene.

With only having had his first three original instrumental tracks online since the beginning of 2015, he has quickly followed them up with five remixes in the past two months.
The best part: they're all really good.

The remixes generally add an uplifting, pleasant experience to the pop radio anthems Jazer has chosen. The man has a knack for adding substantial changes to a track while maintaining the original bones and spirit of the song. As far as the originals go, they span from the absolutely beautiful piano melodies of "Eucalyptus", to the synth-pop chords in "Boardwalk", and to the powerful piano beats driving "Stem".

Every single original and remix is worth your time and at the pace that he's releasing new music, I'll be giving him some more of my time in the very near future. Looking forward to it.



  1. Thanks for the share! His music is pretty damn good

  2. This guy has got some serious talent! Very impressive! (:

  3. I appreciate the great music produced by Jazer. He really is quite special. I wish him all the best and for him to continue fostering this creative outlet for himself, not only to better himself as a producer, but also because his music has some sort of pull on me that I cannot explain. So thank you, James

  4. - Remix cannot be uploaded anywhere other than Akon.com until the contest has closed.