April 20, 2015

Bob Marley - Is This Love (Cowp Remix)

For those of you who may be celebrating today, here is a magnificent remix of "Is This Love" just for you.

Cowp brings us something that one commenter described as transcendent. It's like a fusion of chill-step, melodic synths, and even a little rusty dubstep towards the end. A complete rework of such an iconic hit would usually meet some intense backlash, but this "melodic rasta" has received a warm welcome through this past year with over 300k hits. It definitely has a Sound Remedy vibe, which is completely ok in my book, as he is one of my all time favorite remixers.

Check out Cowp's other tracks as he has many, and I'm sure I'll be circling 'round again to share his music in the coming months.


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