April 4, 2011

Brenton Duvall - Time For What You Want (Notorious B.I.G. vs Semisonic)

I got hooked on Brenton as soon as I heard "Against A Mad World."  Though it remains to be my favorite by him, this song is a close second. Semisonic's hit "Closing Time" is set as the backbeat meloldy and it will continuously make you want to start singing the chorus, but B.I.G. keeps chiming in with his rough and tough hardcore vocals, making you bounce to the new musical concoction Mr. Duvall has shakin' up for us.
Brenton and the Potomac Boys Club are super kind, and offer ALL their music for FREE.  Gotta love the generous artist.  http://potomacboysclub.com/music/

(My other favorites by Brenton are "That Tree" & "Mean Planes")


Download "Time For What You Want" Here

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