April 13, 2012

Derek Sabiston Remixes

I've had Mr. Sabiston's "Benga - Any Steppers" remix for 2 months now, but just now researched his other music. Though I couldn't find much more about the guy than that he lives in Kentucky, he does however have a small arsenal of remixes and mash-ups on SoundCloud.

With this discovery, I found these three other remixes ("Emma - Crashing Down" & "Rameses B - New Horizons" & "Tiesto - Maximal Crazy") that are quite sweet to my ears. Luckily "Crashing Down" and "Any Steppers" were released recently enough for us to snag the Free Downloads, because from the looks of it, he only allows 100 Free Downloads per track.

So make haste and dl these two dope tracks. And definitely give the Ramses B and Tiesto remixes a listen too.

For more of Derek's music, check out his SoundCloud Page.


For a Free Download of the original "New Horizons" click HERE.

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