April 18, 2012

Rameses B

So yea...my last post Derek Sabiston Remixes led me to Rameses B (Derek did a remix of "New Horizons") and man am I stoked to discover this UK producer.

His Facebook Page describes him as a "producer of uplifting D&B, Dubstep, IDM, and everything else."
Uplifting is indeed spot on with his tracks, "New Horizons", "Memoirs", and his brand new song "Open Your Eyes".  Rameses B has so many gorgeous and intense tracks, I just had to share his wide array of emotional sounds.
His song "I Need You (ft. Charlotte Haining)" below is a really heart felt track due to Ms Haining's soulful voice and lyrics. Bad news is...this one isn't a free download, but the good news it...Rameses B has a big ass list of Free Downloads for your Ramen Noodle budget.

FYI - "New Horizons" is my favorite.


New EP:

FREE Downloads!!!

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