October 2, 2012

Pretty Lights - So Bright

So Pretty Lights just posted a Facebook message on his wall about how this track, "So Bright" got leaked unintentionally.  The track is off his new unreleased album and he did not mean for it to be released yet, but since some sites were SELLING the track, he basically said no, we're gonna do this my way...and released it now on his site for free.

Love me some Pretty Lights, and I'm currently extremely stoked because I bought my tickets to the PL show in New Orleans minutes before he posted this. And needless to say, this track just made me smile in anticipation for the weekend.  It's gonna be a hell of a show, and this is one hell of a track that apparently had a special process PL incorporated into the production. There's even a documentary coming out about it.

It's all in the post, so go listen to this amazing track, and Like PL on Facebook for being so damn awesome.

 Thanks PL!


DOWNLOAD "So Bright"

Thanks to FNT for the stream of this.

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