September 10, 2013

100th POST: Bassnectar - Take You Down

So it's my 100th post AND my birthday, and who else deserves such a distinct honor more than the bass lord himself, Bassnectar.

Interesting enough, this 5 track release is being considered a "single", even though his label wanted to release them as an EP. In the words of Bassnectar: "I wanted to kind of under promise and over-deliver"

This first track "Take You Down" is just the preview for the Sept. 24 release date. Here's an amazing description how his inspiration:

"'Take You Down' was put together as a summertime jam… something deep and lush and euphoric. I started it while I was on vacation, and the general theme is basically falling in love and that slow-motion feeling you get when you plunge backwards into something overwhelming, but never hit the ground."

Pre-Order the "single" now and read the rest of Bassnectar's descriptions HERE, and look for my upcoming post with the rest of the tracks on this gem.

Thanks to all the hi.good. peeps out there. Now....on to the next 100 posts!


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