January 4, 2014

Beshken & Sspencer - Want

This song might not be what most people turn up on a Friday night, but for me, sitting at home enjoying a good scotch and probing the web for more hi.good worthy music, it's hitting the spot nicely.

The chilling meditative trance is driven by the soulful sample of Erykah Badu's voice until around 2:20 when the mood changes to give the listener a sense of new light shed on whatever inner reflection was in focus.

"Want" was released as part of a collection called Embrace brought to us by Visual Vibez.

You can check out all of the tracks that are part of that set HERE.

I wasn't really able to find out much about Sspencer, but as for Beshken, I will be keeping an eye on him and his future works of art.



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