January 18, 2014

JMB - I Promise [Mixtape]

So I've been posting a lot of electronic music lately. It's time for some fresh new Hip-Hop/R&B/Pop.

Lucky for us, we have newcomer from Pennsylvania, JMB, and his recently released full 10 track mixtape "I Promise."

The mixtape blasts off with the speedy lyrics by JMB and featured artists JBre, Dougie Kent & T-Bone in "Never Know." It shifts down with the love ballad "Only Other Thing," only to quickly kick it back up with the hard-hitting, yet smooth track "The King."

Honestly, this mixtape grew on me the more and more I listened to it, and I highly recommend rocking it with headphones (or your car) to hear the full production value. Laptops don't do it justice.

JMB definitely gave us a couple sick tracks, so I'll certainly be looking to see what this young rapper will produce in the future. Make sure to check out all 10 tracks of "I Promise" and stay tuned.


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