February 27, 2014

Zedd ft. Hayley Williams - Stay The Night (Madera Acoustic Remix)

A year ago I posted about Madera's trap mash-up of Ke$ha, Dada Life, and Dillon Francis. Well, I really haven't done a good job of keeping up with this rising producer. He's released a slew of remixes and mash-ups, including a 10 track collection titled Madera Mash Pack 2013. There's some fantastic stuff there so make sure to check it all out.

His newest remix I want to highlight is something very different for him as it's an acoustic version of "Stay The Night." Madera's guitar strumming session is simplistic in style, but he's able to create something very chill, with a completely different feel than the original. I was drawn in immediately, and was sold when he threw in the minor synth beat to give it something extra. I'm sure you will enjoy this one.


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