September 19, 2014

The Hood Internet - We Dem Chimes (Wiz Khalifa x Hudson Mohawke)

Got another one from The Hood Internet.
How do you make "We Dem Boyz" by Wiz Kalifah harder?  You add the brass and bass from Hudson Mohawke's hit "Chimes".
Bwomp Bwomp Bwomp Bwomp Bwomp...Bwwwwoooommmmp.

If you don't know "Chimes" you probably will recognize it from Apple's commercial displaying all of the different stickers out there for your MacBook. I'm pretty sure this song could be remixed into any song and make quite a powerful impact.

Hudson Mohawke's new Chime EP comes out September 29 on Warp Records.
A1 Chimes
A2 Brainwave
B1 King Kong Beaver
B2 Chimes (Gammer Re-Edit)

You can order it now through iTunes.


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