October 30, 2014

Featured Artist: Cosby Sweater


Cosby Sweater are all of these, with electronic thrown in for good measure. Hell, they sling a sax and their drummer sports an amazing afro.

In their most recent release, Cosby Sweater adds their style of grooving electro-dance sounds to this, now funky remix of Moon Taxi's "All The Rage".
As many of Cosby Sweater's tracks do, this one takes you back a bit, making you feel like you should be at a disco club.

With Lorde's track, they add just a little something extra, in the form of a faster underlying beat, that makes it play a little harder and actually adds to her attitude in the song.

These guys also have a great album out called "Party Dad" that you can download for "Name Your Price" and you should definitely check it out.


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