September 19, 2011

Gravity A - Renegade Masters EP

Gravity A hails from the great city of New Orleans and just released their new 3 track EP Renegade Masters. Their music is born through electronic progressions that fuse funk, trance, and DnB, and this new EP is sure to deliver a perpetual dance adventure to anyone attending their late night sets.

Renegade Masters is quite an eclectic EP as each track has a notably unique sound.  "Renegade Master" kicks off the EP throwing a surge of DnB energy in your face. After you're done with the mosh pit you just started, "Goofy Song" helps slow your heart rate until you're ready to groove to the funky sound of the keyboard that chimes in for the second half of the track. "Some1 Like You" finishes it off by allowing you to get fully lost in your own world of dance due to the trance-driven sounds and vocals on this track.

Anyway, the whole EP is available for FREE so make sure to check it out and LIKE Gravity A's Facebook Page to keep up their live shows.


 Renegade Master by Gravity A

 Goofy Song by Gravity A

 Some1 Like U by Gravity A

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