September 12, 2011

Timeflies - Turn It Up

I'm stoked to share this song with you today. I previously mentioned Timeflies in my Rebecca Black & Drake remix produced by Rob Resnick as he is the producer of Timeflies. Along with Cal, the vocalist, they make a dynamic duo creating a fresh sound in the hip-hop/dub genre.

This track immediately grabbed my attention as it starts off with a tranquil piano and Cal's gripping vocals. Thirty seconds in an eruption changes the pace of the song leaving you with a sense that something great is about to happen. Then one minute in, a powerful dubstep drop breaks in giving the song a magnetic intensity while keeping the song's soothing melody intact. Midway through Cal adds a hip-hop flow to his lyrics, constructing a mixture of musical elements that will leave you pressing repeat.

Though my favorite song changes rapidly, I think this is currently it, ha. Hope you enjoy it.


P.S. - Music video is posted below.

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