March 2, 2012

TimeFlies - Under The Sea

You may remember my post of TimeFlies' "Turn It Up" which was a sweet ass track off of their killer debut album "The Scotch Tape".  Well, since then Cal and Rob have been serving up a weekly helping of super sick freestyle rap on what they call TimeFlies Tuesday.
Last June they uploaded their freestyle remix rendition of "Under The Sea" and the video racked up over 1 million hits.

Since the track was less than what could be considered a full song, it left fans wanting more. Well to celebrate their 7 figure hit count, they decided to redo the track and add some length and not only that, they were kind enough to supply a free download link!

Sooo, I highly recommend you check out their TimeFlies Tuesday videos as Cal will blow you away with his freestyling skills. Seriously, you'll want to watch video after video.


DOWNLOAD "Under the Sea" HERE

***Bonus Track***
So this song is almost a year old, but I really dig it and just had to share it with this post since it comes with a free dl too.
Stay young my friends.
Here's to never growing up!

TimeFlies - Never Grow Up (ft. Loggy & Mike Stud)

Download HERE

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