April 4, 2012


Christian Coody, aka COODYTANG, hails from the New Orleans/Baton Rouge area and has just gone public with his dubstep originals and remixes, and man do they pack a punch.

All of his tracks deserve a good listen, but I'm a sucker for a sweet ass dubstep remix, so I've posted his remix of "Drippin" by Mimosa, "Walking With a Ghost" by Tegan & Sara, and my personal favorite "Zombie" by the Cranberries.  Coody slows each of these tracks down a bit, giving them a sexier vibe, while letting you get warmed up enough to go hard with him when he releases his bass all over these songs.

Make sure to check out all of COODYTANG's tracks on his SoundCloud Page, and follow him on his FaceBook Page because I'm sure he'll be serving up some more gems in the near future.


Edit: Christian Coody now works under the name of DigitalShake. I also added two other favorites of mine.

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