May 3, 2012

Above & Beyond - Sun & Moon [Featuring Richard Bedford] (Mimosa Remixxx)

Here's a remix that will hit with intense impact.
When you listen to the first build before the drop, I want you to close your eyes and imagine Mimosa rolling up all of the energy at a show into some ridiculous energy ball...and then slamming it right back into the crowd.
Yes, of course the original is a hell of a song on its own, but Mimosa was successful for adding a bit more punch to the bass, and he's offering it as a free download (just have to tweet about it!)  Thank you, Sir.

And Yes, I will admit, I somehow have never heard of Above & Beyond until now, and...damn...

So as a bonus, I feel like also sharing 2 of their music videos because I love their style.


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