August 7, 2012

Porter Robinson - Language [Music Video]


As I've said, 99% of my posts include a free download. I must leave that 1% open for songs and videos like this one (unfortunately not a free download).

Nonetheless, I believe you'll understand why I felt the need to show this to more people.  Robinson has blown up within the meager 2 years he's been on the scene and he's only getting bigger and better. Originally released 4 months ago, this track is a house anthem that will take anyone and everyone on a journey full of joy, and yet sprinkled with sorrow. The music video is an excellent companion to the track that leads the viewer through an array of captivating emotions simply with a girl protagonist and a very large invisible(ish) creature(?).

Watch this video and tell me you don't want to be friends with that big guy. I dare you.

I've included "Language" on Soundcloud so you can have the link to buy the track if you want it.


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