August 8, 2012

High Top Kicks: I Want You Remix EP, Music Video, and Changing The Speed Of Light III [album]

So, High Top Kicks has been busy...

After releasing a Remix EP for his original track "I Want You," Gabriel Saint has also just released a brand new music video, along with a 15 track trilogy album "Changing The Speed Of Light" (released in groups of 5).

The Remix EP boasts remixes by Samples, Bass Science, Exceed, and Slade Templeton.
The video took over 3 months to create.
The album is a steller collection of tracks that echo out HTK's recognizable style & sound.

HTK is giving away 5 of the tracks for free (CTSOL I), or buy CTSOL II for $5 (10 tracks), or buy CTSOL III for $10 (full 15 track album)

Definitely check everything out!


I Want You Remix EP sample:

Free Remix EP Download HERE

I Want You (Official Music Video):

Changing The Speed Of  Light III:

Purchase CTSOL and/or download CTSOL I for free HERE

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