August 23, 2012


Alright I have someone new that I stumbled upon.

Charlie Guidry ( aka "Hippo" ) only has 10 tracks on his SoundCloud page. Some of them originals. Some of them remixes. He's even got a 25 min mix thrown in there.
Though his collection is generally small, he definitely has some EDM gems worth discovering.

The tracks I've posted below are over 6 months old, but are great listens and worth the download. Unfortunately my personal favorite ("Particles Of Time") isn't a free download, but you should definitely check it out as well as his other tracks.

Luckily he's apparently working on some new tracks so we can look forward to those, as I will definitely be waiting in the wings...ready to post.

Until then...


Follow Hippo on Facebook HERE

Click the link below to check out my other favorite "The Tempest" and download it for FREE.

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