November 9, 2014

Featured Artist: Spag Heddy

Filthy, mechanical drumstep.
That pretty much summarizes the Dutch producer, Spag Heddy.
This is definitely a post for the gritty, industrial dubstep fiends out there, but as energetic and dirty as his work is, Mischa Reining retains an upbeat, jovial spirit engrained in his signature sound.

Reaching 40,000 followers on SoundCloud today, Spag celebrated by serving us up with a brand new banger called "Permanent".  It's probably my favorite of his actually, but he's got plenty of material out there so make sure you get another serving of Spag Heddy by checking out his SoundCloud account and liking his Facebook Page.


I threw in the most ridiculous Happy Birthday dubstep remix I've ever come across; then again, I'm not coming across those very often. Anyway, I figured you may want to share it on your friends' walls when their birthdays come around. It'll be sure to start the party.
good.hi. again.

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