November 12, 2014

The Hood Internet - Backseat Shake Off (Kendrick Lamar x Taylor Swift)

The comments on this song repeatedly ask the same question: How does it work so well?
Well, it does, and we don't need to worry ourselves about the "why".

If you haven't already succumbed to the contagious beat of T. Swift's "Shake It Off", perhaps this may push you over the edge when you find yourself belting out Lamar's lyrics as they harmoniously flow over the pop star's current hit.
Yes, these two artists are very different and The Hood Internet, the mash-up duo out of Chi-town, pointed this out when they posted it to their Facebook Page stating, "Over here trying to help further the Kendrick Lamar & Taylor Swift mutual admiration society."

Here's a few comments on SoundCloud reiterating the strange nature of this conjunction:

NadiaXX: "Its sooo right in the weirdest way...."
zeegragg: "I have no idea how this works... but it does"
A. Weth: "This works so well it's so confusing and amazing"

Weird, confusing, and amazing.
I'm not complaining.


[Edit: The original track on SoundCloud was taken down. Here's another download link. Just right click and "save as".]

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