November 18, 2014

Native America - Grown Up Wrong [album]

Do you ever find yourself searching for something fresh, yet familiar?

Well, Native America just dropped off a set of 11 new tracks that leave you wondering if they've all been boxed away for decades as dusty nostalgia collects around the turntable needle. Yes, you can (and should) get Grown Up Wrong on vinyl. The methodical lo-fi production value calls for it as they have a true garage pop aesthetic that is a distinct and comforting piece of Americana.

This album, as with their live show, can have you thrashing about with songs like "Dance With Me"and "Digital Lobotomy", lounging around with "Naturally Lazy", or dreamily gazing upon lead singer, Ross Farbe, as he sings "Like A Dream" and "Caroline".

Overall, Grown Up Wrong is a rarity, as no song in the collection should be skipped.
Make sure you don't skip one and miss out.


Purchase Grown Up Wrong HERE
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1 comment:

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