January 29, 2015

Royal - Cycles EP

After much deliberation about the mood these tracks put me in, I've concluded that it's pop that I'd play on a rainy day when I'm not quite sad, but not happy that it's raining either. The good news is, about half way through "Devil Pt.II", the forth song on Royal's debut EP, the rain ceases and now I'm cruising in my imaginary convertible, top down and speeding down the highway.

I want to say it's experimental chill pop, but honestly, even that doesn't fully encompass Royal's specific and signature sound. Two songs in, you'll find yourself hearing that third track and thinking to yourself, "Yeah, that sounds like Royal."

This EP is something super refreshing and much needed for the world of chill pop, or future bass, or whatever you want to classify this as.  When it comes down to it, the girl's voice in "Devil Pt.II" sums it all up..."It's Royal."


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