January 15, 2015

JK Soul - When There Is No Sun [album]

Slovenian producer, JK Soul, just released his much anticipated LP, When There Is No Sun, and he fits in perfectly with Michal Menert's Super Best Records, who recently picked up JK Soul as the newest artist in the group.

With enough electro-soul to make you weep, WTINS takes you on a journey through the night as you groove til the sunrise with this aptly named full length album. JK Soul certainly has a style similar to Michal Menert, Late Night Radio, and the rest of the gang at Super Best Records, and of course the "sample collage" king himself, Pretty Lights. And just in line with these fellow producers, his music is released as a free download.

JK Soul said on his Facebook page, "hiphop.. dnb.. dubstep.. house? I dont care really! I just don't want to limit myself musically, I don't limit my taste. My imagination and feelings that are inside me is the only limit to let me be who I should be..", and according to his SoundCloud profile, "JK Soul's musical spectrum ranges from trip hop, hip hop, turntablism, funk, soul, jazz, brasil, minimal genre and chillout lounge music."

Yep, there's something there for everybody. So crank up the speakers, press play, and prepare to trip hop to the funky soul jazz while you lounge back and chillout through the part of your day when there is no sun.


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