May 13, 2015

Robin Schulz - Headlights feat. Ilsey

Sure, at this point Robin Schulz is way too big to be considered an underground artist, but my guess is that there are still plenty of people out there who haven't been exposed to the Grammy-nominated German producer. Well, he recently added this huge hit to his discography. "Headlights" utilizes the vocals of mystery singer, Ilsey, with her almost unrefined, gritty sound. Ilsey appears to be the true underground artist revealed in this post, as I could only dig up her Myspace page from 2008 and a super basic website containing only the music video and a link to contact her. I hope she eventually takes a bigger step into the spotlight because I find myself truly drawn to her peculiar voice.

In order to feed your lust for something free, I searched for a remix and found a fun one by The Him that puts a nice piano spin on this song. I even found a piano cover of the track just in case you're in that kind of mood. To top it all off, there's also an uplifting music video to go with the uplifting melodies of "Headlights".


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